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This page contains a detailed list of the different items which can be found in crops, along with information on the probability of finding each individual item, the XP gained from picking the item, and the function of the item (if known).

Every crop (except carrots) produces compost worms, which can be used as fertiliser. Most crops have about 10% compost worms, which means that once you reach 100% odds (and tier 10 for peppers) on any crop you will be self sufficient in producing fertiliser, so you will not often have to buy more from the shop.


Core Crops


Item Odds (%) XP Avg. XP/Crop
Compost Worm 10.001.0010.00
Bell Pepper 60.001.0060.00
Banana Pepper 14.901.0014.90
Jalapeno Pepper 10.002.5025.00
Chickenheart Pepper 5.002.0010.00
Ghost Pepper 0.10250.0025.00
Total avg. XP per full crop 144.90
A Fully Grown Pepper Field

Peppers have a few different purposes. Three of the peppers give buffs for tool use. Eating 5 of these will give you the full buff, and eating more will increase the time of the buff.

Bell Peppers serve two main purposes. Firstly they are the easiest way to gain cooking experience early in the game. Bell Peppers can be placed on the ground and hollowed to gain Pepper seeds and Compost Worms. Bell Peppers are also a useful healing item prior to planting Radishes. Eating a Bell Pepper will heal 8 health.

Ghost Peppers are an extremely useful rare crop item. Eating a Ghost Pepper will max out health, thirst, and poo.


Item Odds (%) XP Avg. XP/Crop
Compost Worm 10.001.0010.00
White Icicle 15.001.0015.00
Cherry Belle 15.001.5022.50
Crimson Giant 15.002.0030.00
China Rose 15.002.5037.50
Red Devil 10.003.0030.00
Plum Purple 10.003.5035.00
Round Black Spanish 5.004.0020.00
French Breakfast 4.9010.0049.00
Gold Radish 0.101000.00100.00
Flaming Fungus 0.001810000.0018.00
Death Cap Mushroom 0.001810000.0018.00
Total avg. XP per full crop 385
A Fully Grown Radish Field

Radish crops provide buffs for most of the core skills, and are an extremely useful crop throughout the game. Most of the radishes in a crop give a basic skill buff for a single skill. Eating 10 of these radishes will temporarily increase your skill by 10%, and after eating 10 the buff will last for over an hour. Once you have reached the maximum skill increase eating additional radishes will lengthen the duration of the buff (slightly).

The Radishes which produce these basic skill buffs are:

Radish Name Skill Buffed
White IcicleWhittling
Cherry BelleConstruction
Crimson GiantForestry
China RoseFarming
Red DevilMining
Plum PurpleManagement
Round Black SpanishPoo

One thing to note about the Round Black Spanish radish is that it will increase your poo by 10, in addition to buffing your poo skill.

French Breakfast Radishes are a very useful healing item. Eating one will heal you for 10 health and only add 1 poo, making them more efficient than Bell Peppers. In fact until you have access to cooking equipment they are the best healing items available.

The rare crop item in radishes is the Gold Radish, which is a very powerful and versatile item. Eating a GR will fill your health and poo bars, and will buff every skill by 10% for an hour. This buff can be combined with a standard radish buff and in fact the more advanced crop item buffs from later crops, so you can buff a number of skills by 20%. This is often referred to as "Double Buffing".

Gold Radishes also have some other effects when combined with squirrel milk. A GR+SM buff will allow you to perform some actions at a much faster speed. Your axe will become twice as powerful, you will be able to fertilise 50% at a time instead of just 10%, you will be able to use textile and weaving machines much faster.

Finally, the radish crop is one of two (along with hemp) which contains the ultra rare fungii, Flaming Fungus and Death Cap Mushroom. For more information on these see their article.


Item Odds (%) XP Avg. XP/Crop
Compost Worm 9.851.009.85
Strawberry Leaf 50.002.00100.00
Red Strawberry 35.0015.00525.00
Strawberry Runner
Sour Wiggleberry 0.0752500.00187.50
Salty Wiggleberry 0.0755000.00375.00
Total avg. XP per full crop 1202.35
A Fully Grown Strawberry Field

Strawberries are a very useful crop because of the variety of cooking applications the crop items have. The bulk of strawberry crops are Strawberries and Strawberry Leaves, both of which can be used in cooking.

On their own strawberries provide an effective healing item, each one healing 15 health and filling your poo bar by 2 making them less efficient than French Breakfast Radishes, but faster to actually heal you. However they become much more useful when you have access to a well. In a well the strawberries can be washed to produce Hearty Red Strawberries and Golden Strawberries, which are among the most efficient healing items in the game.

Strawberry Leaves can also be turned into useful healing items by making them into Salads using a Salad Bowl.

Strawberry crops also produce Runners, which can be planted to produce more strawberry fields. You need 10 runners to plant a new strawberry field, so when you reach 100% odds on planting strawberries you will produce enough Runners to replant half as many fields again.

Finally, the rare item in strawberry crops are Wiggleberries. They can be used to scare away other players birds and squirrels, and are the only way to remove another players birds. A Sour Wiggleberry will remove 2 uses from a bird, and a Salty Wiggleberry will remove 15 uses from a bird. Wiggleberries will also reduce the uses on your own birds and squirrels, which can be very useful if you are relocating.

Industrial Hemp

Item Odds (%) XP Avg. XP/Crop
Compost Worm 9.961.009.96
Hemp Stalks 70.0015.001050.00
Dead Hemp Stalks 20.001.0020.00
Red Boot 0.035000.00150.00
White Mold 0.00820000.00160.00
Flaming Fungus 0.001810000.0018.00
Death Cap Mushroom 0.001810000.0018.00
Total avg. XP per full crop 1425.96
A Fully Grown Hemp Field

Industrial Hemp is the crop which leads into the advanced textile and weaving skill trees. Those skills can be gained through Maso Bamboo as well, but this is very limited and only allows you to create basic items. The Hemp process leads to the creation of seed bags and high level milking gloves, as well as some other high level textile and weaving items.

The process begins with Hemp Stalks, the most abundant item in hemp crops, and details on using the stalks can be found on the textile and weaving pages.

The crop also produces Dead hemp stalks, one of the items which can be placed in compost bins.

In addition to potentially having the ultra rare Flaming Fungus and Death Cap Mushroom fungi, Hemp crops could potentially contain Red Boot or White Mold fungi.

  • Red Boot Fungus dramatically reduces retting time, increases duration of the optimal stage, and it occasionally boosts your scutching sword power. It lasts for 10 minutes.
  • White Mold Fungus prevents thirst loss from scutching. It lasts for 30 minutes.


Item Odds (%) XP Avg. XP/Crop
Carrot Greenery 39.961.0039.96
Regular Carrot 28.9715.00434.55
Rotten Carrot 28.9710.00289.70
Gnarled Carrot 1300.00300.00
Carrot Flower 1300.00300.00
Rabbit Droppings 0.114985.001498.5
Total avg. XP per full crop 2862.71
A Fully Grown Carrot Field
  • Regular Carrots can be waxed and used to increase FoV, eaten on their own to make inactives visible, and sacrificed to totems.
  • Carrot Greenery can be used to make salads for a lot of cooking XP.
  • Gnarled Carrots can be washed to make Elder Carrots, which help reduce fail timers.
  • Someone is searching for Carrot Flowers. They will trade 50 carrot seeds for each flower.
  • Rotten Carrots can be used in Compost Bins. They also heal for -500 health, thus eating them is not advised.
  • Rabbit Droppings can be used by workers to fertilize fields. Crops planted in Rabbit Droppings have a slightly higher chance of producing rare crops. Does not work for carrots.


Item Odds (%) XP Avg. XP/Crop
Ripe Tomato 6.5110715
Unripe Tomato 13.555742.5
Tomato Leaves 70221540
Earth Crawler 9.999919.9999
Colorado Beetle 0.000110000.1
Total avg. XP per full crop 3007.6
A Fully Grown Tomato Field

Eating a tomato with a GR/milk buff allows you to fertilize a square to 100% in a single action, for a short time. The time is longer for ripe tomatoes than it is for unripe ones. A tomato buff also boosts your yield of raw hemp fibers when scutching.

Tomato Leaves can be made into salads.

Earth Crawlers are a bit like compost worms... only better. Can be used to attract birds into your inventory for three times as long.

Eating a Colorado Beetle empties your poo at the cost of 10 health.

Toadwater Classic Crops


Harvestable Item%Uses
"Small Pumpkin"40%(+)Can be hollowed (see last section of this article)
"Compost Worm"10%See its wiki article for more info
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