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Why Dig?

The main reasons players dig a hole are to build an outhouse on it and/or to gather balsam fir seeds and compost worms. Note that digging deeper than 101 millimeters will not yield any more seeds/worms.

How to Dig

To dig with your hands, make sure you have nothing selected in your inventory. A quick way to do this is to select something new in your inventory twice (keyboard shortcuts are recommended). Then select the bare sand or hole as many times as you would like to dig in it. Using your bare hands makes the hole 1 millimetre deeper each time.

To dig with a shovel, select the shovel, then select the sand or hole as many times as you would like to dig in it. This method makes the hole [shovel level] millimetres deeper each time. For the first decimetre (100mm), you will dig up a variety of things.

If you eat Banana Peppers, you can get up to a 200% shovel effectiveness buff, allowing you to dig double the shovel's power in millimetres in a single use.

What you can find while digging

How to Fill a Hole

There are three ways:

  1. Wait -- every diddy fills up each hole 10 millimetres
  2. Place an outhouse on it (see outhouse wiki entry for more information), fill/explode the outhouse, then gather the resulting poo
  3. Place 100 hemp stalks on it then break and scutch them
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