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Edicts are bonuses that can be activated by any player for 24 hours at a time. On the main island there are chests in Toadee's house for each type of edict that is currently available. A player selects the item necessary to start the edict in their inventory and then places the item on the chest. The chest then tells the player how many more points are necessary to fulfill the required amount to start the edict. The amount of points required to start an edict decreases every 24 hours by 1%. The number of points needed can also be seen from the government page [1]

The Points System Each chest has a certain number of points that must be placed in that particular hoard in order to activate its edict. What qualifies as a point for each skill is slightly different.

  • Forestry: One seed level (Balsam Fir Seed = 1 Point, White Pine Seed = 10 Points)
  • Construction: One plank level (Grade 1 Plank = 1 Point, Grade 10 Plank = 10 Points) Note: A waxed plank gives points equal to its waxed level, not the base level of the plank.
  • Humidity: One hemp stalk = 5 points BUG: Hemp stalks picked before the edict was developed have a power of 1 point and are wasteful to use on the edict chest. You can see the power on your stalks by hovering over them in your inventory. Also, the two separate stalks will not stack in the inventory or a hoard.
  • Cooking: One strawberry leaf = 2 Points

Edict Types

The Edict of Forestry doubles the XP for any action relating to forestry with a possible exception to placing birdhouses. The chest is located inside Toadee's house.

The Edict of Diminished Planting Delays lowers the delay for planting trees. A great combo with the Edict of Forestry. The chest is located outside of Toadee's House.

The Edict of Whittling doubles the XP for whittling items. The chest is located inside Toadee's house.

The Edict of Construction doubles the XP for making outhouses and fences, but not roads. The chest is located inside Toadee's house.

The Edict of the Green Market (Farming) makes crop fields bigger (11x11 instead of 10x10), reduces the health cost of farming by a factor of 10, and halves the number of seeds required to plant a crop. The chest is located outside Toadee's house.

The Edict of Women's Suffrage (Cooking) doubles the XP for making salads for washing strawberries. The chest is located inside the cooking guild.

The Edict of Humidity gives everyone the benefit of 100% humidity and doubles XP for scutching. The chest is located inside Toadee's house.

The Edict of Weaving doubles the XP for weaving items and making cloth. The chest is located inside Toadee's house.

The Edict of Extractive Metallurgy gives triple XP for Mining ores. The chest is located inside the mining guild.

The Edict of Quench gives everyone 100% thirst.

The Edict of Recycling gives double whittling products. Each piece of wood whittled will yield two items (XP is the same as normal)

The Edict of Lactose Intolerance gives everyone a squirrel milk buff for the duration of the edict

The Edict of Hot Coal gives more XP for smelting ores and better odds of success. The edict is started by putting coal inside a furnace.

Starting an Edict

An edict will start roughly 24 hours from having the last point placed into the chest. A server-wide message will appear informing all players of the start time. Make sure to plan accordingly when starting an edict.

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