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The main purpose of fertilizer is for planting crops. You cannot plant and therefore farm any crops without fertilized ground, so fertilizer is an essential element of the farming skill.

Fertilizer is also very useful for planting trees, as fertilized ground will increase the odds of the tree growing fully. This is particularly significant later in the game when you are working on high level trees as forestry is a difficult skill to gain large amounts of XP in. Grandma's Homemade Poo, Dried Poo, and Compost worms all double the odds of success when planting a tree, while Enriched Bird Poo (EBP) triples the odds!

Finally, fertilizer is also required to plant different types of grass, and consequently is needed if you want to place a hoard or statue.


Types of Fertilizer

There are 5 different types of fertilizer, and they are all acquired in different ways. The first three are all standard fertilizers, and give the exact same benefits. The fourth, Enriched Bird Poo, is special fertilizer which is better than normal types and gives additional benefits. The fifth, Rabbit Droppings, works a bit differently from other fertilizers.

You cannot mix different types of fertilizer, so if you have begun fertilizing ground with one kind, it must be finished off with the same type. For example, you cannot begin to fertilize a square with Dried Poo but later switch to Compost Worms.

Dried Poo

Dried poo is your own home made fertilizer. It is acquired when an outhouse is filled and explodes. You can then dig the poo up with a shovel and it will be in your inventory ready to use. It can be a long process getting more dried poo, but it has the advantage of being completely free (as long as you have an outhouse and a shovel), and does not require high skill levels to get a decent quantity.

100 dried poo is enough to fertilize one square.

Grandma's Homemade Poo

Grandma's Homemade Poo is by far the easiest to get hold of, as it can be bought directly from the shop. The downside is that it is quite expensive to buy enough to fertilize a square.

Grandma's Poo costs 5 gold per piece, but you need 100 pieces to fertilize a square, which means it costs 500 gold per square you need to fertilize.

Compost Worms

Compost Worms are found in all crops, and usually form about 10% of a crop which means that when you're planting crops at full odds you will find 10 worms on average every time.

Compost Worms can also be found from hollowing out bell peppers. You find either 1 or 2 worms per pepper hollowed, unless you are using a quartz knife, in which case you will find many more.

Finally, compost worms can be found by digging in the ground, particularly at the beginning of the metric hour (diddy).

It takes 10 worms to fertilize a field, which means that you should replenish your supply of fertilizer when you are planting crops at 100% odds.

Enriched Bird Poo

Enriched Bird Poo (often referred to as EBP) can only be found by wiping statues. It is better than normal fertilizer, and so confers some additional benefits. These extra bonuses are detailed below, along with other information about the specific uses of fertiliser.

If there are droppings on a statue, walk on the statue to wipe off the accumulated EBP. There is also a chance to receive tree seeds while wiping off EBP.

  • It is superior to any other poo in the fact that a square fertilized to 100% with EBP will grow crops or trees twice as quickly as normal.
  • It increases the odds of a tree growing to maturity.
  • Certain higher level crops require the use of EBP for planting.

It takes 100 EBP to fully fertilize one square.

Rabbit Droppings

Rabbit Droppings are a semi-rare find in carrot crops. They can be used by workers to fertilize fields. Any crops planted in Rabbit Droppings have a boosted chance of finding rares in the crop.

  • Only workers can use Rabbit Droppings to fertilize land.
  • It does not affect carrot crops.
  • Given the rarity of Rabbit Droppings it is better to wait for a farming edict to utilize Rabbit Droppings, due to the boosted crop yields.

It takes 1 Rabbit Dropping to fully fertilize one square.

Using Fertilizer

To fertilize an empty square, select your chosen fertilizer and then click on the empty square. It costs 10 health points to fully fertilize each square. Normally you fertilize at a rate of 10% per click, which costs one health. If you are buffed with squirrel milk, each click fertilizes by 20%. If you are also buffed with a gold radish, you fertilize at a rate of 50% per click. If you are also fertilized with tomatoes, you will fertilize the entire square with one click. But watch your health, as these actions can be very costly.

You will gain farming XP from fertilizing land.

Workers can also be used to fertilize land - select the fertilizer, select the worker, and then click any square within your field of vision.

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