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This page refers to information on the skill Poo. If you were looking for information on the different types of Poo you can collect in game, see Fertiliser

Poo is an important core skill in Toadwater which determines how much you can eat before needing to use an outhouse. There are different philosophies on the poo skill; some players devote time specifically to increasing their poo skill, while others ignore it completely.

Filling your Poo

When you drink or eat certain items, your poo bar fills up -- see the milk, radish, strawberry, and tomato articles for more info on foodstuffs that contribute to your poo. To see your current poo amount and how much you can hold (equal to your poo skill level), refer to your info center. The first number is how much poo you have and the second is your maximum capacity.

When you eat a gold radish, it fills up your poo bar THEN it temporarily increases your poo skill, and therefore maximum poo capacity, by 10%. When the GR effect wears off, you can sometimes have more poo than your normal maximum poo capacity would allow.

Emptying your Poo

To Empty your Poo, simply step into an outhouse.

Increasing Poo Skill

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