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Members Only This wiki article includes information that applies to members only unless specified otherwise. You must be a member to access features described here. You must also be a member to harvest, or otherwise receive, and use items described here. Nonmembers, however, may transfer members-only items from/to ground hoards/inventory and sell them.


Benefits of Owning a Personal Island

Limitations of a Personal Island

  • You must subscribe or pay a larger one-time fee. See member for more info.
  • Access to island requires a square of bare ground on which leave a stargate when you use your hawk.
  • Anyone who chops at your stargate will transport you back to where you used your hawk.
  • No idols allowed.
  • No birdhouses on horse chestnuts, western hemlocks, or black tupelos allowed.

Island Tips

The Future of Personal Islands (Rumors?)

  • Access to custom mining rocks
  • Access to personal housing
  • Access to unique equipment, similiar to the existing personal salad bowls
  • Other ideas may be posted on the Development Suggestions Forum
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