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Although most actions within Toadwater can be completed using mouse clicks and the various in game menus and additional windows, there are also a series of keyboard shortcuts for most actions which speed up many tasks. This page details all of the in game keyboard shortcuts are.


Action Shortcuts

General Actions

These shortcuts are for general use in TW, they do not require a specific item to be selected in the inventory, although some may have different effects if certain items are selected.

Shortcut Effect Notes
eEat (or drink)Either eat from a tree your are standing on, or eat a selected item in your inventory if it is consumable. Consumable items have priority, so you cannot eat from a tree if you have one selected.
rRefresh ScreenThis does nothing but refresh the game, useful if you are waiting for things to grow!
uUseThis 'uses' a limited number of items when selected.

Staff - If you have a personal island this will activate your island hawk

hIsland HawkIf you own a personal island this will activate your island hawk (you do not need to have your staff selected)
escapeStopClears the action queueu of all but the current action.

Also closes some windows.


These shortcuts are for whittling items, to use them you must have wood selected in your inventory.

Shortcut Item Whittled
cScutching Sword
tTree Tap


These shortcuts are for constructing items, to use them you must have a plank selected in your inventory, with the exception of fence repairs, for which you must have fencing selected.

Shortcut Item Constructed Notes
zFence RepairsRequires 2 fences
gGateRequires 2 planks


These shortcuts are for weaving items, to use them you must have either bamboo stalks or cloth selected, and also have the required amount of bamboo shoots or yarn respectively.

Shortcut Item Selected Item Weaved
vMaso bamboo or cloth Milking Gloves
vGolden bamboo Herb Picker Gloves
dMaso bamboo Radish Basket
dGolden bamboo Herb Bag
dcloth Seed Bag

Directional Shortcuts

You can perform actions on squares within your field of view by clicking on them in the main window, but there are also keyboard shortcuts for interacting with the 8 adjacent squares to your character, as well as one for performing actions on the square your are standing on (to do things like opening hoards or picking crops).

There are no keyboard shortcuts for interactions beyond the adjacent squares, the only way to interact with these is with the mouse.

Arrow Keys

To perform any action in one of the four cardinal directions (North, South, East and West) you can simply use the arrow keys. This has exactly the same effect as clicking on those squares with the mouse.






Pg Up



5 6







Pg Dn

Number Pad

It is also possible to use the keyboard to perform actions on the diagonals, and on the square you are currently standing on using the number pad.

It does not matter whether num lock is on or not, these shortcuts have the same effect. Consequently the only way to type numbers (for the inventory shortcuts) is with the numbers in the main section of your keyboard, the number pad will not work!

Using the number pad, you can now perform actions in the four cardinal directions using 8, 6, 2 and 4. You can also perform actions in the four diagonals using 7, 9, 3 and 1.

Finally, 5 on the number pad will interact with the square you are standing on, in exactly the same way as clicking on yourself would. This is needed to open things in the game such as crops and ground hoards.

Inventory Shortcuts

All inventory items can be selected by clicking on them, but this can sometimes be quite fiddly and the clicks do not always register because of the way the client is designed. As a result most players find it easier to use keyboard shortcuts to use the inventory.

The keyboard shortcuts act in the same way as clicking on an inventory slot with the mouse does, which means that if you click on an item it will be selected, if you click it again it will be unselected. If you click an empty slot whilst an item is selected it will be moved into that slot.

There are 20 slots in your inventory (handily partitioned into groups of 5 by horizontal lines), and the keyboard shortcuts for them are split into the top half and bottom half of the inventory.

For the first 10 slots in your inventory you simply press the number keys for each slot. The first slot is number 1, the second 2, and so on. The 10th slot is selected by pressing 0.

For the second half of your inventory you simply hold shift and do the same thing. So Shift-1 selects the 11th slot, up to Shift-0 selecting the 20th and final slot.

Window Shortcuts

The following shortcuts open and close windows within the client, they are particularly useful for windows which are needed infrequently such as the combiner. Some of them will toggle the window open and closed, others will only open the window, which must then be close with a mouse click (or sometimes the escape key).

Shortcut Window Opened
CTRL-CInfo Center
CTRL-WWorkers (currently hired)
CTRL-UBuffs (currently in effect)
CTRL-KWhittling Toolbar
CTRL-NConstruction Toolbar
CTRL-JTextile Toolbar
CTRL-MMisc Toolbar
CTRL-BBuy from Shop
CTRL-PBuy from pop-up store]
CTRL-SSell window
CTRL-HHire workers

Finally, there are shortcuts for changing the zoom level on the main window. The zoom level is selected by holding Ctrl and pressing a number key from 1-9.

Ctrl-1 selects the normal close up zoom level. Ctrl-9 selects the furthest out really tiny zoom level.

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