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Members Only This wiki article includes information that applies to members only unless specified otherwise. You must be a member to access features described here. You must also be a member to harvest, or otherwise receive, and use items described here. Nonmembers, however, may transfer members-only items from/to ground hoards/inventory and sell them.
Toadwater Classic Warning: The information that follows only relates to Toadwater Classic, which means this content does not exist in the current game. It is possible that this content will be added at a later date, but it may not be exactly the same as described here.

Mining is the skill related to Mining Ore, Mining Sand TW2, Smelting, and Forging.



Pickaxes are needed for mining ore. There are four types of pickaxes; Basic, Rami's, unyielding, and Ruby. All pickaxes except the Ruby Pickaxe has an infinite number of uses.

  • The "Basic Pickaxe" can be found in the Abandoned Pickaxes covered with insects on SWI (d3 d4 a2 f1). Select any pair of milking gloves before selecting a pickaxe -- this will destroy the gloves. It can only be used to mine ore up to level 5 mines.
  • The "Rami's Pickaxe" can be obtained through a quest. It can be used to mine any ore except explosive ore.
  • The "Unyielding Pickaxe" can be bought from the castle for 25 green rubies. It can be used to mine any ore.
  • The "Ruby Pickaxe" can be bought from the coin store for 125 Toadkens. They give their user 50% more than normal mining xp and yield one to four ore per swing. It can be used to mine any ore. The Ruby Pickaxe has 325 uses, and its remaining uses are expressed in its gold value. The pickaxe can be refilled from a castle chest at the rate of 3 swings per 1 green ruby.

Pickaxes TW2

Pickaxes can be bought by Rami with a golden radish. Rami's pickaxe always has 250 uses. You can also smith pickaxes by using the pickaxe blacksmith pattern. 'Smithed pickaxes' seem to be of varying quality. The higher the level bars used to create them, the higher the amount of uses.

Ore TW1

Mining ore is part of the mining skill. To start mining ore go you need to acquire a pickaxe. There are level 1 mines found all over South Winter Island, once you start mining higher level mines you will need to look in the caverns on SWI or NWI (note that walking in this cavern will wear down your staff). Rami Stonecutter, a furnace, and an anvil can also be found in the cavern on SWI. The higher level mine the more mining xp you need to mine it, mines that are to high a level for you to mine will be called "unknown mine" when you mouse over them. Using the picxaxe on the mine will extract 1-2 ore (2-4 if you're using the Ruby Pickaxe) from the mine, or a special item. The amount of ore received is based on your mining level if you are using a Basic Pickaxe or Rami's Pickaxe, but a Ruby Pickaxe extracts ore in a random amount. Mining requires more health the higher the level of the mine, the highest level mines can take over 20 health so be careful. The higher the level of the mine the more xp per swing you get There is approximately a 1/5 chance that instead of getting an ore or special item the mine will collapse. When a mine collapses it vanishes without a trace, but respawns after about 1 metric minute. Ore can be used in smelting.

Known mine types TW1

#MineXP RequiredOres [Ore Level]XP per Swing (+)Special Items [approximate odds, some have a quest pre-req]
14Cupalite0Copper [1]2blue sapphire [1.6%]
6Wolf (^)500Wolf [2]2blue sapphire [1.3%]
6Cassiterite1kTin [3]3blue sapphire [1.3%]
6Kamacite2.5kIron [4]8green jade [1.0%], mysterious rock [2.0%]
9Lithange5kBlack Crimson [5]6blue sapphire [1.3%], Rami's pickaxe head [1.3%]
6Tiptoria (*)7.5kMoon [6]9blue sapphire [1.3%], crystal toad [0.4%]
7Geraine (*)10kLava [7]15blue sapphire [1.3%], crystal toad [0.4%], lesser fossilized seed [0.02%], lost manuscript [20.0%]
4Borax (*)50kSinging [8]20blue sapphire [1.3%], crystal toad [0.4%]
4Infinity (*)20kInfinity [9]23lesser fossilized seed [25%], green ruby [1.3%]
5Bilfornite (*)100kRing [9]22fossilized seed [<0.02%], lesser fossilized seed [0.02%], green ruby [1.3%]
5Explosive (**)200kExplosive [1]10green ruby [1.3%]

(+) You will get a random amount of xp, but it averages out to this. Also, the Ruby Pickaxe increases this number.

(*) You need to use Rami's Pickaxe, or Unyielding Pickaxe, or Ruby Pickaxe to mine these.

(**) You need to use Unyielding Pickaxe to mine these. Gives XP equivalent to a Cupalite Mine and causes rapid health loss.

(^) Wolf mines are located in the mines of NWI.

Ore TW2

To mine ore in TW2 you will need to go to the mining cave located in the top east quadrant of the map, in that quadrant it is located in the lower east corner. From the portal center, head east of the swi portal and use the first portal to the far east. Once you portal, walk straight down, there you will find the Mining Cave. Make sure you bring Gold Radish with you to trade with the guy standing at the entrance of the mining cave. Give him a Gold Radish in return he will give you a 150 use basic pickaxe. This is the only pickaxe you can get to start out unless you can buy one from someone in the game. Make sure to bring plenty of food to eat. There is no outhouses or trees in the mines. When you mouse over a mine and it says "Unknown mine" this means the mine is to high level for you to mine yet, just move along till you find one you can mine. Mining requires more health the higher the level of the mine, the highest level mines can take over 5 health so be careful. The higher the level of the mine the more xp per swing you get There is approximately a 1/5 chance that instead of getting an ore or special item the mine will collapse. When a mine collapses it vanishes without a trace. Ore can be used in smelting. Cupalite, Wolf, Cassiterite, Kamacite, and Lithange mines are available above ground, and Tiptoria, Geraine, Borax and Bilfornite are available below ground. See here[1] for a beginner's guide.

Known mine types TW2

MineXP RequiredOres [Ore Level]XP per Swing (+)Special Items [approximate odds, some have a quest pre-req]
Cupalite0Copper [1]3blue sapphire [1.6%]
Wolf (^)500Wolf [2]4blue sapphire [1.3%]
Cassiterite1kTin [3]4blue sapphire [1.3%]
Kamacite2.5kIron [4]5green jade [1.0%], mysterious rock [2.0%]
Lithange5kBlack Crimson [5]6red topaz [1.3%]
Tiptoria (*)7.5kMoon [6]9 (**)
Geraine (*)10kLava [7]11 (**)
Borax (*)50kSinging [8]14 (**)
Bilfornite (*)100kRing [9]17(**)

(+) You will get a random amount of xp, but it averages out to this.

(*) These mines appear in the underground mines, accessed through the portal next to Rami. Bring a torch!

(**) As of yet the underground ores do not produce any bonus items.

Mining Sand TW2

Mining sand pertains only to TW2. A sand box is located on SWI just past Toadee McPerkins' house and just below the Cooking Guild house on SWI. If you walk the road west from the cross roads you will see it. To harvest the sand use a shovel. You gain no xp's towards the mining skill for mining the sand. The sand makes Glass Flask by smelting it in a furnace in TW2.



Smelting is a part of the mining skill. To smelt you put ore in to the furnace to smelt them into metal bars. There are two furnaces, one in Toadee McPerkins' House and one in the cavern on SWI. The higher your mining the better chance you have at succeding. It takes 'ore level * 10' ore to make one bar of the same level, for example: it takes twenty wolf ore (level 2) to make one wolf bar. You get 20xp per ore if you succeed in making the bar, 10xp per ore if you fail, ore/bar level doesn't effect how much xp you get. Metal bars are used in forging. A Sack of coal will start an edict to give more smelting experience but higher odds.


There are two furnaces to smelt in, one is located in Toadee McPerkins' house, and the other inside the mining guild, next to Rami at the entrance to the mines. Using the smelter in the guild yields twice the amount of bars, but has a chance to break. Fixing it yields tinkering experience, and the hammers required to fix it can be obtained from Rami for 100 of any radish. Coal, obtained from a used up torch, can be used in the furnace at Toadee McPerkins' to start a server-wide smelting edict, yielding more experience and higher odds.


Forging is a part of the mining skill. With forging you can create sharpening stones, axes, or scythe blades out of metal bars. To forge first find an anvil, there is one in Toadee McPerkins' House and one in the caverns on SWI. If there is not a blacksmith pattern on the anvil you will need to buy one from the shop and place it on the anvil, mouse over the anvil to see what pattern it is set to. Warning, once you set a pattern on the Anvil it will stay set on that until you replace it with another pattern, and they are expensive so choose carefully and work in large batches. The pattern that is on the anvil is player specific, meaning, if you but an axe pattern on the anvil and Twisti walks up and puts a scythe blade pattern on the anvil, you will see a axe pattern on the anvil, and Twisti will see a scythe blade pattern. Once there is a pattern on the anvil, select a metal bar then click on the anvil to forge what you have the pattern of. The level of the sharpening stone, axe, or scythe blade you create is equal to the level of the metal bar you use.

Note: In TW2 there is only one anvil which is located in Toadee Mcperkins' House.

Glass Flask (TW2 ONLY)

Glass Flask are made from sand gathered on SWI. Once you have gathered your sand head on over to Toadee Mcperkins' house. Make sure you have done the quest to get inside Toadee Mcperkins' House. Once in the house head west into the second room. In there you will see a furnace to the north side of the room. Highlight the sand, then click on the furnace. This will make your Glass Flask. You will gain a few exp's towards mining skill.

Note: There is a mining skill herb that will increase the number of flask you make at one time and decrease the time to make. I've not experiment with this as of yet.

Sharpening Stones

Select at least 10 sharpening stones of the same level in your inventory then select an anvil to place 10 sharpening stones on the anvil. Select an axe in your inventory then select the anvil again to sharpen the axe -- this destroys the 10 sharpening stones but adds the stones' level to the axe's power. Axes cannot be resharpened.

Nonmembers may use axes sharpened by members.

Sharpening an Axe increase it's power but not it's value


Members can make an axe by selecting a metal bar in your inventory then selecting an anvil after you have put an "Axe Blacksmith Pattern" on the anvil. The power of the axe is equivalent to the level of the ore used to make the metal bar -- see forging for more info.

Note that forged axes may not be used to chop fencing owned by another player by decree and implementation of the Toadwater government

Axes made this way can be sharpened in the same way that shop-bought ones can.

Nonmembers may use axes made by members.

Scythe Blades

Scythe blades are used to create scythes. These are used in Threshing and Winnowing wheat.

Note: In TW2 Scythe blades are used for chopping down Jute Stalks. (no wheat as of yet in TW2)

Anvil Patterns (TW2)

Patterns on the anvil can now be changed by clicking the anvil with nothing selected. Any pattern you have placed on the anvil will appear in this list, so you no longer have to re-buy patterns!

Increasing Mining

There is no magazine to increase your mining/metalworking skill, as this is considered an 'elite' skill. Eating a GR does *NOT* increases this skill.

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