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There are various statues within the Toadwater world. Invisible birds visit the statues and sometimes leave a dropping that can be wiped off when a player walks on the statues (see Wiping section). Most statues were created in honor of previous gods however there are a few statues that represent other things (see Special Statues section).


Buying, Selling, Using, & Removing

Most statues can be bought and sold in the shop, through auctions, or through the market. The purchase price of a statue from the shop for a given statue increases with the number that exist in the world and with the worth of the player it honors. So statues can be thought of as investments like a company's stock although this is rarely a wise short-term investment for two reasons: the first reason is that placing a statue on the ground immediately reduces the sale value of it (to the tune of 15-16 times how many of that statue exist in the world) and second reason is taxes.

A statue's sale price also increases the longer it is left on the ground, probably based on how much spacing improvement the statue has (see Statue Statistics section). PLACING A STATUE ON THE GROUND RESETS ALL STATISTICS, INCLUDING ITS SPACING IMPROVEMENT, TO ZERO.

Only one statue can be in your inventory at a time. Other than that statues are not "owned" by a player -- anyone can use or remove them. Statues cannot be put in ground hoards.

Before a statue can be used, it must first be placed on either grass or flowers -- placing costs 1 health.

Walking on a placed statue will wipe all accumulated droppings. The higher the ranking of the honoree, the more droppings can be expected, at least initially (see Statue Statistics section).

To remove a placed statue from grass/flowers and into your inventory, use any mallet -- removing costs no health. Doing this will destroy any droppings on the statue.

Special Statues

Some statues are more rare due to the way they were distributed previously. Now most of these statues may be purchased with coins. These statues include:


Wiping a statue indicates its "owner" meaning the person who last placed it. The droppings that you wipe will be in the form of enriched bird poo aka EBP and tree seeds. These items will immediately go into your inventory (until your inventory is full which may prevent you from stepping on a statue until you make appropriate inventory space) and/or into your seed bag (if you have appropriate space).

Seed Levels

In addition to possibly finding the highest level tree seed available in TW, you may find seeds in the following level ranges depending on the type of buff you have at the time:

  • 1-45 when unbuffed
  • 1-45 when buffed with just GR
  • ??-45 when buffed with just SM
  • 10-45 when buffed with GR+SM or during a lactose intolerance edict

Seed Odds

You have at best a 1/25,000 chance of finding the highest level tree seed available in the game in each dropping (not per piece of EBP) -- it is likely that your forestry skill can improve these odds a bit (so consider having your forestry buffed when wiping). If that seed is not found, you have a 1/450 chance of finding a level 45 seed. If that seed is not found, you have a 1/440 chance of finding a level 44 seed. This continues until you find a seed, down to the minimum tree level based on your buff -- then if no seed is found you get between 1 and 10 pieces of EBP. This process is repeated for each dropping on the statue, but you only need to step on a statue once to wipe them all. This means you can get multiple seeds of various levels and EBP when wiping several droppings off a statue in a single step!


  • 1 dropping = 1 seed or 1-10 pieces of EBP (average 5.5 pieces of EBP when no seed is found)

This means when you are wiping many droppings, buffs that reduce the range of seeds you will get will reduce how many total seeds you get and, therefore, increase the total EBP you get.

Statue Statistics

Once placed, mousing over a statue will indicate:

Coordinates(d3 c7 c7 c7 c7);

Name(Bambino Statue); Droppings Counter((Droppings:5)); Visit Spacing(~19:33:00); Age((0.5 day(s) old))

  • Droppings Counter: how many visits left droppings since the statue was last wiped.
    • About one out of ten visits will leave a dropping.
      • 10 visits = 1 dropping on average
    • The other nine out of ten invisible birds just didn't need to go.
  • Visit Spacing: how long in hh:mm:ss between the previous visit and the next visit.
    • The higher the ranking of the god that the statue honors, the lower the initial spacing between visits -- the actual spacing decreases the longer the statue is left on the ground.
    • 5 minutes is the minimum spacing for all statues except for Royal Rhodes statues which has 2.5 minutes.
      • ~00:05:00 statue = 1 dropping / 50 minutes on average.
  • Age: how many days since the statue was placed.
    • Even the lowest value statue should have minimum spacing after about 400 days, give or take a couple weeks.
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