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Weaving is one of the nine main skills. It is considered an advanced skill, and is the final part of the Industrial Hemp process.

Weaving is the process of making cloth from yarn, or making woven items either from cloth and yarn, or from bamboo.

Because, like textile, weaving is considered an advanced skill, there is no radish or outhouse magazine to increase your weaving skill. However, the 10% skill increase gained from eating a gold radish does apply to weaving. There is also a rare item in existence, the Isabella Tiger Moth, which buffs your weaving skill.

There are only a few ways of increasing your weaving skill, and it is probably the most difficult skill in the game to raise. The ways to gain weaving XP are:

Weaving with bamboo

No special equipment is required to weave with bamboo. Each item takes 10 shoots and 10 stalks.

For information on how to harvest bamboo shoots and stalks, see bamboo.

Item Skill
Radish Basket 50
Maso Bamboo Milking Gloves 100
Herb Bag 150
Herb Picker Gloves 300

Weaving with cloth and yarn

This is the end point of the industrial hemp process. See textile for information on how to obtain yarn. Yarn can then be used for weaving cloth on a loom.

The loom is sold by the shop and must be placed on bare sand before it can be used to weave. Once placed it may be used 1000 times after which it disappears leaving bare sand in its place. Mousing over a placed loom will indicate how many times it has been used, from 0 to 1000.

Hitting a loom with a mallet will add [mallet level] uses to it -- this can be used to destroy it faster than by normal use.

Using 100 yarn on on a weaving loom produces cloth in your inventory -- the amount of cloth you get depends on your weaving skill and your luck!

  • "Beggar's Yarn" produces "Beggar's Cloth" (you may not make any cloth if your weaving skill is under about 40)
  • "Middling Yarn" produces "Middling Cloth"
  • "Imperial Yarn" produces "Imperial Cloth"
  • "Finnish Yarn and Cloth" can only be gained through the Toadken Store
  • "Royal Yarn" produces "Royal Cloth", but can only be made during a certain time.

Cloth can be used to weave gloves and seed bags. The higher level the yarn and cloth, the better the quality of item produced. Higher level items also use more cloth and yarn: 10 of each for Beggar's items, 20 for Middling, and 30 for Imperial.

For 100% success, you need the following skill for each level of material

Process Beggar's Middling Imperial Finnish Royal
Level 1 2 3 4 6
Gloves 200 400 600 800*
Cloth 300 600 900 1200
Bags 400 800 1200 1600 1600
Canvas 300 600 900
  • Royal Milking Gloves are only level 4, while the seedbag is level 6.
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