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Toadkens are mainly received by subscribers every week, and can be used to buy special items at the Toadken Shop. Many of these items cannot be obtained throughout any other means than the Toadken shop, making them exclusive and typically helpful items to have, giving an extra benefit to subscribers. Toadkens may also be given out by admins for events or gained via Toadchievements.

List of Toadken Items

Item Cost Effect
General Tools
Seed Bags 100 / 200 / 300 Used to hold seeds, saving inventory space. Price is for Beggar's/Middling/Imperial, respectively.
Nano Dust (10) 75 Recharges 10 points of staff use.
Hammer Bro Mallet (10) 50 Instantly pound in any fence (single-use).
Super-duper Birdhouse (10) 50 Instantly attracts a bird to a tree, with 100 uses. See Super-duper birdhouse.
Bahia Seeds (5000) 100 See Bahia grass
Quartz Knife (500) 100 See Quartz knife
Toadken Axe 40 Level 15 axe, decays very quickly.
Basic Pickaxe (500) 75 Used for mining.
5 jute spawns 50 Use these on a filled irrigation ditch to generate random Jute spawns.
Finnish Cloth (80) 300 Required to create Finnish tier Weaving items, which are a step above Imperial. You need 40 cloth and yarn to attempt them.
Finnish Yarn (80) 300 The other component. Can use 100 to weave Finnish cloth, but that's a blatant waste of Toadkens.
Item Cost Effect
Seti Statue 75 Functions as a player's rank 1 Statue. Not worth getting.
Royal Rhodes Statue 150 These statues have half the timers of SETIs/Rank 1 player statues, which makes them twice as good.
Item Cost Effect
Edict Token 750 Starts an already purchased Edict.
Item Cost Effect
Balsam Fir Seeds (200) 20 200 Balsam Fir Seeds (level 1). Waste of toadkens. You can just dig for them!
Black Tupelo Seeds (5) 100 5 Black Tupelo Seeds (level 15). Also a scam. A Royal Rhodes statue is a way better investment.
Health Restore 20
Hanglider Liftoff Site 300 Serves as the hub for your Hanglider network. Can only be placed on your Island.
Hanglider Landing Site 100 Serves to bridge your island to an area of your choosing. Comes with reusable site labels.
Organic T-Lax Tonics (10) 100 Maxes out your poo bar + 10, at the cost of a 2 minute anal spasm timer.
Walking Reduction II Tonics (10) 100
Green Gambling Tokens (20) 100
Banded Woolly Bears (10) 300 Used to boost your Textile skill by 1% per use, up to 10%.
Isabella Tiger Moths (10) 300 Used to boost your Weaving skill by 1% per use, up to 10%.
Custom Avatar 100 Other players will see you as an image of your choosing!
Custom Island Portal 800 Give yourself a fancy image indicating where you used your hawk at, not that anyone will ever see it!

You can also convert Toadkens to Toadchievements points, at a 1:1 ratio.

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