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Toadwater (inititally called "Hoards of Treewater") was formed in early 2002 and has grown into what you see before you today. Always catering to a small niche of players, we pride ourself in our players who are still fiercely loyal to the game throughout the years. The time and effort put into Toadwater is innumerable, but we have been able to stick around for so many years due to donations from players like you.

Toadwater will always be free to play. You are never required to donate, and a few dedicated Players have made 'Toadwater God' without ever donating. But for those who wish to help out, we thank you by offering you incentives to do so.

Becoming a Member

Although Toadwater has always been, and will always be free to play, many exciting features in Toadwater are only available for "Members". You, too, can become a member by donating to recieve a Personalized Staff. Personalized Staves are very similiar to the Toadwater Staff you have had since the start of the game. However, the personalized staff does not decline anywhere near as fast, and as an end result, will wear down hundreds if not thousands of times slower. As we covered before, it also labels you as a member, forever! Toadwater is only able to survive due to the commitments of players like you. You will ALWAYS have access to the following bonuses when you become a member.

There are many added benefits of becoming a member:

Toadwater Commerce
Toadwater Auctions - Every time you sell an item, unless specified otherwise it goes to the Auction Page where players can bid on those items. If an item sells, you get the extra money! The Auction is a very powerful tool, allowing you to buy and sell everything from fences to tools.
Toadwater Market - Player owned shops allow players to put up classified ads on items they are wishing to purchase. Players can sell immediately to these classified Ads and do the transaction immediately with no risk!

Tons of Game Bonuses! (Available only to Members with a Personalized Staff)
1. Cooking - tons of features including washing strawberries, making shakes and salads, and making pumpkin pies!
2. Mining / Metalworking - Explore the depths of the South Winter Island mine!
3. Herb Picking / Alchemy - Pick herbs and turn them into horrible potions and tonics.
4. Quests - Enjoy the South Winter Island quests, including Toadee's Teachings and more!
5. Lassos - Pesky intruder? Rope them off and lead them to a place they never want to return
6. Farming Changes
  • Flowers - New plant (including Yellow Marigold and Red Tulips!)
  • Tomatoes - New crop
  • Strawberries - New crop
  • Pumpkins - New crop
7. But you ALSO Get a personally named, Personalized Staff, that you will use for the REST of the time you Play Toadwater. You will move MUCH Faster, and it will wear out MUCH Slower.

All of this is available, forever, once you donate $5.00 for a personalized staff. Your "membership" NEVER expires and you will be doing your part to continue the development of Toadwater. After you purchase your player staff through paypal, your membership is available immediately and your player staff will soon show up in your inventory. So why not purchase one, right now? Get started in all of what Toadwater has to offer!

Nano Dust

Although your new staff wears out hundreds, if not thousands of times slower than your original Toadwater Staff, you may still wish for it to be in tip-top shape. Many players hate to see their staff go below 80, 85, or even 90 power. Before, the only option was to buy a new player staff, but many would point out that it was such a waste of "power". Because of this, we introduced Nano Dust.

Nano Dust (also called Toadwater Ashes, by it's former name), allows you to apply the dust to staves so it can regain its power. A long time down the line, rather than just donating for a new staff when you need more power, you can just purchase some nano dust and apply a few ashes here and there when your staff needs it.

Personalized Workers and Private Islands

For several years, the only donation options we ever had were for Personalized Staves and Nano Dust. Although we had a small niche of players, due to how irregularly players went through their personalized staves and ashes, it didn't bring in a good enough source of revenue to maintain Toadwater. Due to this, we introduced personalized workers and private islands.

Personal Workers gives you access to four more workers (alongside the three you can already hire from the worker shop) to work for you. These workers will never quit until the worker time from the donation runs out.

Personal Workers and Islands are a joint donation. This means for the same donation, you get both.

The standard donation for workers and an island is $5.00, and it gives you a month of worker time. During this thirty days, you have exclusive access to a personal island which is invulnerable, allowing you to store some of your most prized possessions there. You recieve access to the "Hawk Button Technology" (tm, patent pending) which allows you near instant access to your personal island. As long as your personal workers are active (as each worker donation gives you a month or worker time and personalized island access), you will be able to access your island.

Q. Are islands & Workers ever deleted?
A. Islands and workers are NEVER deleted. If you choose not to donate for a while, stop playing, or choose to take a break, your island and workers will NEVER be deleted. They will always be at the same state they were when they last had worker time. We've had players who have returned after two years to be happy to find their workers in the same status they left them off as!

Q. So I have to donate $5.00 every month to keep my personal workers and island?
A. You must donate $5.00 every month to keep your personal workers and island. This donation is called "Worker Time". You are free to use this method every month. However, if you plan on doing this every month, I recommend that you first look into Subscriptions (explanation follows).

Some players hate remembering to donate $5.00 every month to keep their workers with time. Because of this, we introduced subscriptions. Subscriptions allow your workers to be paid every month so you don't have to remember to have to. Subscriptions allow convenience to the Toadwater Staff as it allows us to predict when to expect worker time donations. Because of this, we offer the following bonus: TOADKENS!

Other than the luxury of not having to remember to purchase worker time every month (between eating, sleeping and breathing and playing Toadwater, who has time [pun so intended], anymore?), Subscribers also recieve Toadken's every week which can be spent at the Coin Store. Toadkens can be spent to purchase anything from Special Player Tools to RARE statues.

There are TWO subscription options.

Gold Subscription! ($8.99 / month) - **Recommended**
- If you wish to purchase a gold subscription, it is $8.99 a month. However, on top of recieving worker time and island access, you will also recieve a personal staff permanently affixed at 150 power. This means you will NEVER have to be conservative of where you step, NEVER have to worry about your staff declining, and NEVER have to ash your staff again.
- NEVER donate for ashes again!
- Gold Subscribers recieve 100 Toadkens a week, more than two times the amount that bronze subscribers recieve.
- Gold Subscribers can hire regular workers for up to seven days, more than seven times the length of time non subscribers can!
- Gold Subscribers can plant tree seeds anywhere in their field of vision (rather than only immediately next to them). - Automatic Worker Time (No waiting!)

Bronze Subscription! ($5.00 / month)
- Bronze Subscribers recieve 45 Toadkens a week.
- Bronze Subscribers can hire regular workers for up to three days, more than three times the length of time non subscribers can!
- Bronze Subscribers can plant tree seeds anywhere in their field of vision (rather than only immediately next to them).
- Bronze Subscription is the SAME PRICE as just hiring worker time, but you also get the added bonuses because you own a subscription. Get the added bonus and get a subscription today!

Gold Subscription is the best deal because not only do you have unlimited ash usage, but you get the added bonuses as well (such as more coins per week!)! If you wish to purchase either subscription, they can both be done on the worker time donation page!

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