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Title: sweet!
Post by: Abyss Rose on December 28, 2005, 03:41:59 pm
I really wish I kept a list of people who gave me gifts, though I got more in toadwater then I did in real life it would have been hard to list you all.

So for a limited time (till the start if 2006) I will be turning your wood into fencing for free.

Offer only counts for wood levels grade 1-24 (only levels I'm at 100% on) and only in amounts of 1000 PER a person.

exchanges of wood for fencing will be made on SWI. Ferther information and interpitation can be found vea PM.

(if it is one of the grades I have a abundonts of wood in I will fill the order before we meet if it's a rare wood for me and I don't have enough to fill the order you will have to give me the wood first.)

this is WOOD to fencing exchange for FREE for low end players who can't make this grade on there own.

Wood - Plank - fencing

1000 * 5 sec * 5 sec = 25,000 sec PER a order min. please alot for naps, meals, and bathroom brakes.

Again thank you to all who gave me gifts!

Title: Re: sweet!
Post by: Tony Treebuilder on December 28, 2005, 03:46:50 pm
Sweet indeed.