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Title: Welcome Back!
Post by: Dragoon on December 11, 2006, 04:03:32 pm
Welcome to the new server, generously donated by the KOTBH network.

The new network will replace our old web host.  Although the new host offers a better overall package, we may experience some minor difficulties when we realize we need more of something that our previous package had a generous abundance of.  Overall, we hope to see this server responding quicker and faster than the old one, and you should notice a change in the way you play.

All fences have been refreshed.  Please confirm that your fences have done so.

Please thank Matt Siegman for his hard work over the last week. If it wasn't for him, the downtime for Toadwater would have been atleast a month.  After retrieving the data from the broken hard drive, Siegman used great technical skills to adapt the old code to the new server, which required adjustments that surprised us all.

And thank you to Paulofheaven, who's KOTBH network will bring new and exciting things to Toadwater.

Please consider donating to the Toadwater Donation Fund.   While our costs at this time are paid for, the time and effort to bring you new content requires your constant support. Thanks.

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