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Title: Toadwater Newsletter - Thursday, January 25, 2007
Post by: Dragoon on January 25, 2007, 10:12:51 pm
Toadwater Newsletter - Thursday, January 25th, 2007
Chapter I

We are still in the process of the ongoing transition from the old board software to the new upgraded version.  During this period, you may experience some problems.  If it is of a personal nature, cannot login, password not working, etc, please use the support email located in the Sticky of the Game Support Forum.  If it is of a Feature, such as your Player Log not showing, create a post in the Game Support Forum or private message Matt Siegman.  Chances are, however, someone has already notified him of the change, and he is already working diligently to have it readded.

Chapter II

For personal problems or questions, I emphasize the Game Support Email Support system.  Questions, etc. sent to be via Private Message will likely be deleted and unreplied to.  Additionally, when sending an email, please include "___ Support" as your subject. Do not leave 'Support' out, or it will not get sent to the correct folder and may slow down your support reply.

Chapter III

Congratulations to Myrrdin for winning the Toadwater Contest.  In a random drawing, he won a $50.00 gift certificate to Amazon.  He certainly deserves it after his loyal dedication to the Toadwater Forums. Additionally, congratulations to azentner for finally achieving the #1 rank after long periods of mediocrity and furtiveness.   

Chapter IV

There may be periods of downtime later this month or during the following month.  I think by now, we have achieved a way for people to keep their workers which have mysteriously been acting strangely during downtimes.  They will be put in Status 2, in which they will go into negative hours, if necessary, to maintain their owners. This will generally only apply to downtimes lasting more than four hours.  Please note that downtimes caused by shortages or unexpected hardware failure cannot be placed in Status 2, although if we notice problems that may cause a shortage, we will take the necessary precaution to protect the workers from quitting in case of failure.