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Title: Where, When, What
Post by: Thion on April 29, 2007, 06:17:44 am
Hello all. After logging in a few years (yes, I actually remembered this game after 4+ years) and not even getting off the Cloud, I decided I'd come back to enjoy a more slow-paced game.

I'm working on leveling and stocking in the CW for now (need more whittling for idols, grrr!), but I thought I might as well plan ahead and make myself known and hopefully get to know a few people before throwing myself into the world.

As the title states, Where, When, and What. Where refers to where I might consider going - where is there open land? The wiki reports F1 might have some open land, with some routes through the fencing. Anyone in F1 know if this is true currently or not? Also, does anyone know where it might be best to come from into F1, from E7 or G2?

When should I exit cloud world, and when should I exit Noob world? Should my level be more important, the amount of supplies I have, or the quality of supplies? I wont leave till at least after level 50 and until I have some grade 6+ wood, but there's probably an advantage to leaving earlier than level 100 and having grade 10 wood.

What should I focus on getting, storing, and bringing with me? Obviously whittling posts is great for gold and it'll make it easier to whittle Idols if I do that, but at the moment it seems pointless to tap balsam trees - should I just axe out the taps, focus on whittling, and tap better trees, or what?

I'm sure there will be different ideas, but I'd like to hear the reasons behind them - since everyone plays a game differently, it may not work out for me to do one or the other, and if I don't ask for some hints I'm basically goofing off waiting to stumble on what works.

Thanks for the advice up front!

Title: Re: Where, When, What
Post by: Zim Foamy Fan on April 29, 2007, 06:39:36 am
1. Don't leave CW before lvl 70... you need to be doing a bunch of walking, and a low HP sucks...
2. lvl 6 is a good level to go for... be sure to get as much as 300 fences for a good starting base
3. don't bring idols, sell them... there are more important things to keep... but if you have the room, take the highest level ones you have
4. taps are always welcome... use the sap to wax the planks you make for better lvl-d fences :D
5. although land is at a premium currently, I bet that I could find you some... check back with me on that ;)