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Title: Behind the Scenes January
Post by: Travis on January 01, 2013, 10:27:33 pm
January is going to be a busy month for Toadwater with several cool updates.  This is just a plan that the development team is following and while we will try to release these updates this month, we make no promise.  All updates are for Toadwater 2, unless specifically said.

To help out the dwarves training construction and forestry, totems will be a difficult item to construct out of an unused idol and post that will offer tremendous benefits to manually chopping of trees of that level.  Those unused peppers and carrots you have lying around the base can be fed to the totem to increase the duration length.

Those unused carrots (except the delicious rotten carrots) will be gaining many uses this month.  A pretty dwarf is thinking about moving into the main island and perhaps you can woo him or her.  Also look for some new cooking uses that will make your dwarf strong and healthy.

A thirsty forestry plant has been rumored to be spotted near the lakes.  Crazy dwarf Ezekiel madly claims his thirst has been over quench, but thatís just nonsense.   

Rumbling has been heard coming from the mines with possible new excavations below the surface to find valuable ores.  Watch out though, you will need to be prepared to venture into the dark depths of mines.

Several new trees have been sprouting up in Toadwater 1, and they are about ready to start showing up idols.  For only one billion gold each the next five trees are ready for release.

In order to help foster community discussion and feedback, look for topics in the Toadwater 2 tavern to discuss this post and the updates.  The development team appreciates the ideas and feedback.

Hope you enjoy these updates,
Toadwater Development Team

PS. Make sure to post your thoughts here (,29754.0.html) about this behind the scenes and read what others think about it.