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Title: Halloween, Popups, Carrots and Blacksmithing Patterns, Iím Scared!
Post by: Travis on October 30, 2013, 07:27:00 am
Giant Update!

For the Halloween event this year, a few trick or treaters have shown up on the Main Island and have some extra candy to share.  Also cool Jack-o-lanterns can be found making your base scary.  All of the rewards are around for a week, so stop by everyday and enjoy the free candy.

Twisti has been hard at work upgrading the popup system.  Now when given a tricky popup, you can request a new one!  Use the webstart link above or in your profile to download this spiffy new client update.

Those large reserves of carrots we have all been saving up can now be made into tasty salads.  Many dwarfs are questioning if carrots even taste good in the first though.  The regular carrot eagle eye buff now lets you see inactives, making clearing out land easy with your sharp eye sight.

Blacksmith patterns are now reusable.  Adding a pattern to an anvil adds it to your pile and by clicking the anvil without anything selected, you can select from any of your available patterns.

These are just the major highlights of the recent updates, check out the patch notes for the full list of updates.
Toadwater Development Team

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