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Title: Lower level players have alot more time to talk cause their actions are slower
Post by: Johnny_basalmseed on June 26, 2016, 06:08:27 am
Since all the levels are low, Action Queue takes longer to fully empty. I'm sure the experienced players don't like the Action Queue staying empty while they type something!  :D ! I say this as if there's alot of new people talking  :D I know people have registered after me, cause I see the newest member changing every now and then. Now I don't know if they are real new players, or mules or people about to start doing some advertising  :D . I did see the only one video on youtube of Toadwater, he showed people how to register, but there was no actual gameplay and I'm pretty sure the 2000 views from 4 years ago was Toadwater players typing 'toadwater' into Youtube  :D !! so I don't think anyone without knowledge of the game saw that one  :D .