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Title: [Game] Epic Showdowns
Post by: Darth Taki on August 22, 2020, 03:21:52 pm
Thought it would be fun to introduce a new game.  This is something that we play in the car on road trips (Back when you were allowed to leave the house), but with a few minor changes to make it forum appropriate.  The rules are pretty simple:

   I'll start the game at the end of this post by matching up two people/places/things.  These can be any two people/place/things (i.e. - Paris vs. Madrid, or Waffles vs. Stroopwafles).  I tend to go super heroes and super villains, just because I'm a comic book kinda guy, but the sky is really the limit.

   When you respond to the post, you will give your opinion on who/where/what will win that showdown and why, and any other showdowns that have been posted in this thread.  It doesn't have to be a physical victory.  Maybe Paris wins over Madrid because you really like the Eiffel Tower.  We will number them to make it easier to keep track.  If you don't have an opinion on a showdown, it is okay to skip it (i.e. - Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian....I could care less), but it is acceptable to Google things if you need to make an informed decision (i.e. - You can Google Stroopwafles, and I recommend you do because they are delicious).

   After you've given your opinion on all the showdowns that you want to chime in on, you then give your showdown.  Please remember to number your showdown appropriately.  Also, go ahead and throw in your opinion on your own showdown at this point.

   On the post directly below this one, I'll regularly update the scores on each showdown.  There's no prize for winning, just the good feeling of victory.

That's it.  Throw out your showdowns, and cast your votes.

1)  Tony Stark vs. Bruce Wayne

     I'm going with Bruce Wayne on this one.  Once you take away the power suits, the secret headquarters, the fancy weapons, and everything else that makes these two super heroes; Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy philanthropist.  Bruce Wayne is still a Ninja.

Title: Re: [Game] Epic Showdowns
Post by: Darth Taki on August 22, 2020, 03:22:25 pm
1)  Tony Stark vs. Bruce Wayne

Tony Stark:     1
Bruce Wayne:  2

2)  Toadwater v1 vs. Toadwater v2

Toadwater v1:   0.5
Toadwater v2:   2.5

3)  Starbucks vs. Pete's

Starbucks:      0
Pete's:            1

Title: Re: [Game] Epic Showdowns
Post by: Lackey Twisti on October 08, 2020, 02:13:06 pm
1) Tony Stark vs. Bruce Wayne: 1:1

My vote goes for Tony, because screw being a rich tights wearing ninja. If I was rich, I'd want to be a playboy philanthropist.

2) Toadwater 1 vs. Toadwater 2: 0:1

My vote goes to TW2, because I put a lot more of myself into it, and even the things that didn't work out I still like for being neat, while the things in TW1 that didn't work out just feel dull to me.

Title: Re: [Game] Epic Showdowns
Post by: Darth Taki on October 09, 2020, 12:28:05 am
Ooo.  Epic tie in the battle of Tony Stark vs. Bruce Wayne

2)  Toadwater v1 vs. Toadwater v2

I go with Toadwater v2.  I like the layout of the world better, and feel like it's a bit easier to get your initial "Not in Skyworld" base going.

3)  Starbucks vs. Pete's

Pete's 100% for me.  I just don't like the taste of Starbucks' coffee.

Title: Re: [Game] Epic Showdowns
Post by: MWI on October 10, 2020, 06:00:53 pm
Batman: 1
TW1 vs TW2: 1/2-1/2
Starbucks vs Petes:  I make my own coffee