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Title: Another Project Bites the Dust
Post by: Crowbarella on July 26, 2021, 11:38:20 pm
In 1999, some classmates of mine gave me some emulators and a bunch of roms. One of those roms was Harvest Moon. It was my first exposure to the farming sim genre, and I absolutely loved it. I ended up downloading the full series, playing them all et nauseum. I still play them, even today, though I get them legally and play them on actual systems.

In 2004, I was in a post game lull, and I started looking for something like Harvest Moon. In the process, I ended up finding Toadwater. No idea how, given the fact that so few people actually played it. At first, it was completely mindless, with just sitting there, eating from a tree, pooing in an outhouse, and selling the poo for magazines to put in said outhouse, to train my poo skill. Usually, this was while trees were growing.

Eventually, I ended up getting into macroing the game. Developing programs to play the game for me was fun for me. It let me plan things out like crazy wihtout having to manually run through it all myself. Planning had always been the best part of those games, so that was a win. In the end, I ended up macroing farming, probably the first to do so. It wasn't all that efficient of a macro, but it was mine. At the time, the best crop for XP was hemp, so I just macroed that for a while.

Once I hit rank one in farming, the next item to tackle was textile, because I had all that hemp lying around. Obviously, I ended up macroing that as well, as it wasn't too far off what I had done for farming. While I was running through the backlog of hemp, they came out with the golden machines, which greatly inflated the returns. I went from a plan to make a boatload of beggar's seed bags to making a buttload of imperial milking gloves. In the end:
Viceroy Crowbarella sold 958300 Imperial Milking Gloves for 119,787,500,000 gold pieces.

After the project was over, they were coming out with a so-called sequel to it, with resetting a bunch of things in the game and retooling some other parts. Someone made a comment that my glove project would never happen in the new game. As I have never been able to find logs of this happening, this part might never have happened. If it had, I remembered at the time agreeing with them.

Then came, September 1st, 2013. I was bored. That was it. I was bored. And I started down that road. Cut to 8 years later and:
11:36:05 pm    Crowbarella sold 959167 Imperial Milking Gloves for 9591668112.78 gold pieces

Title: Re: Another Project Bites the Dust
Post by: Nicodemus on July 27, 2021, 02:24:02 pm
Congratulations!  I think this is awesome.   8)