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December 10, 2019, 06:49:18 am
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News: Richard chopped down a Western Hemlock tree for Purple Haze, getting 29 pieces of wood and 2 Seeds (Max Yield: 0.1%) (Starting Odds: 157.09%)

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Author Topic: Toadwater  (Read 644 times)

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« on: September 19, 2005, 05:18:11 pm »

i did some googling Smiley


"...At breakfast that morning Glix looked at her bowl of steaming niceberry porridge and her glass of yum-yum juice. She scowled. "I hate niceberry porridge. I want a cheeseburger...with green cheese! And I want toadwater instead of yum-yum juice," she said very emphatically. Her father dropped his spoon into his porridge, which splashed and made a small mess. "Beg pardon, Glixxie? What did you say?" Glix's little sister Wixit giggled and Glix's mother frowned a puzzled frown and stuck a finger in her ear.

Glix was very embarrassed. She knew what she had said but she couldn't believe she had even thought it, much less spoken it. And toadwater - whatever that was - sounded far too yucky to drink. She looked down at her bowl and mumbled something like, "the porridge is very good this morning..."

AUTHOR: Arnoud
DATE: 03/23/2004 07:03:57
Things i haven't done today:

-hang stuffed crocodile on wall
-learn plant physiology/anatomy
-buy decent foodstuffs
-mentally challenge myself

Things i have done extensively today:

-play toadwater (extremely weird but stragely addictive online game).

"i want to be able to run 2 instances of a program at once, but its just an exe. it doesnt seem to have any info in the registery.
ive used that before having 2 installations, and changing the directory in the registery.
i thought maybe i could use a VM, but looked into it and that seemed alittle to much for this.
and i couldnt find a windows in windows emulator.
those were the only things i could think of. any suggestions?

the game is toadwater, can be dled at, if having the file would help figure this out"

and myrrdins site Smiley this was quite entertaining too Cheesy my score:
Name: LAX
Score: 24 / 25 (96%)

(damnit, i answered accidently wax to the last one)

then i found several game revies, the seti team ranking page, the group page (which actually i set up in the first place Cheesy )

another insane rant to you!
provided by: LAX


Evolution of the Dwarf
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