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July 06, 2022, 06:02:23 pm
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Author Topic: Welcome back to your tavern, hempgrowerdan!  (Read 849 times)
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I'm not the one that's so absurd

« on: November 23, 2007, 04:19:45 pm »


if you are back to play TW again, welcome back. I am sorry to see so much drama although, I admit, I caused some of the drama but that is mainly due to my misunderstanding that you were gone from TW for good.

Let me suggest that the next time you take a break, you may want to have your interests looked after by players who are not such complete and utter idiots. I am not directing personal attacks at individual players but if you need help identifying said idiots, just ask yourself who in your circle of allies really care about the future of TW. If you find allies who prefer stealing over playing, threatening over negotiating, and covering their asses over admitting mistakes then moving on...well, do you really want to be painted with the same brush?

Like I have recently reminded Crazyman: you lay with dogs, you get fleas. He, unfortnately but not unexpectedly, is experiencing the fallout of being a proud "raider" -- all players, even other raiders buddies, will be suspicious of everything a raider says. Although you have done a bit of raiding in your TW career, I have a great deal of respect for your contributions to TW and its community. If you need assistance finding some land away from the riff-raff, I am sure you and I can come to some sort of agreement.

clatra sacrificed 38610 Seeds to a Coachwood Tree
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Toadwater  |  Toadwater Inn  |  Nicodemus's Classical Tavern  |  Topic: Welcome back to your tavern, hempgrowerdan!
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