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December 07, 2021, 10:58:01 pm
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News: Stu Pid finished building a Grade 26 Fence for Halcyon

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Author Topic: Darktide Information  (Read 4597 times)

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« on: May 18, 2008, 05:02:05 am »

Welcome to Darktide. This is not a normal Toadwater World.


Darktide is a new land mass. It is nicknamed "Hardcore Toadwater."  Darktide is currently experimental and may be removed at any time as well as experience differential downtimes not connected with the main server.

- Only new characters are allowed on Darktide.
- There is no admin-recongized government, although Darktide members do enjoy edicts.
- There are no current rules regarding macroing.
- Darktide members should NOT get PopUps.
- Multiclienting in Darktide is punishable in Darktide and is NOT permitted. Punishment may extend to their main character.
- No rules against raiding.  Although fences are easier to pound in, they are harder to construct.
- A darktide member is not permitted to interact with non-darktide characters, such as Auctions, Market, South Winter Isle, etc.
- Workers are not permitted on Darktide due to technical issues rather than gameplay.

To create a Darktide character, please create a new character with two capital inititals 'DT' followed by your name. Darktide character names MUST start with 'DT'. You will need to send it to a valid email address to verify the account. If it says your password is incorrect when you first sign into TWC, please change your password (to the same thing if you want) and it should fix itself. Darktide characters are to have 'DT' infront of their name at all times. They are allowed to change their nickname, however it must follow the same protocol maintaining the 'DT'.

Darktide characters cannot use Auctions, Market, or South Winter Island. They cannot interact with non-Darktide players due to the possible exchange of goods. If you notice a way that allows you to exchange goods, please report it IMMEDIATELY.

Eventually Statistics will be reported for Darktide Players.  This will allow a new ranking system. Incentives will form for those in the lead.

Darktide does not use PopUps. However a technical snag may reverse this decision should one appear.

Raiding is encouraged in Darktide. In fact, it might be benefical that your Darktide character is not named directly after your main character. This will allow your Darktide character to wreak havoc without being connected with your main character. You cannot cut your foot in Darktide, your name will never be broadcasted as chopping a fence. Fence chopping is NOT hindered by thirst. Fence chopping is also NOT hindered by being in an outhouse.

Fences are harder to construct in Darktide, although will be eventually easier to pound in.  Idols can now be stolen.

Workers are not permitted in Darktide due to technical issues rather than gameplay. The only donation allowed on Darktide characters is Staff/Dust. Should Darktide shut down for any reason, a credit will be applied to any account you wish for the player staff and any unused dust.

It is undecided if Darktide will exist in rounds (That is, be reset every so often). There are many possibilites and they will be addressed later. Note that even if the world is ever 'reset', any donation staves will always move to the newest character.

Please report any issues using a help support ticket.

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Toadwater  |  Toadwater Inn  |  Nicodemus's Classical Tavern  |  _XI_MR_BRAIN_IX_155's Darktide Talk  |  Topic: Darktide Information
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