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June 03, 2020, 05:39:27 pm
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« on: August 17, 2010, 08:27:27 pm »

Several newer players have been asking about Idol Power so here are the basics.

Idol Power is determined by three major factors:
1. How old the tree is to which said idol is attached
2. How long said idol has been attached to the tree
3. How many seeds have been sacrificed to said idol
Idol Power formula is obscure, but it is the general concensus that factor #2 has the most affect on the overall power of the idol.

If you have the idol with the highest power in a specific tree level, you are considered the tree lord.  Tree lords are listed here:
Being the tree lord gives you two benefits.
1. You can walk on that level of tree with the same staff wear as normal sand.
2. You receive an increase in your whittling odds for that particular level of wood.  (EXAMPLE: Controlling the level 3 Tree Lord gives you an extra 3% on your final whittling odds.  If your odds on whittling a Grade 3 Plank are 75.3% then your odds would be 78.3% if you controlled the Tree Lord.)

The concept of a Tree Lord was radically changed with the introduction of idols becoming "Hungry."  All idols become hungry after a certain number of days, and that number is determined by the tree level.  An idol will become hungry after (Tree Level/2) days.  A balsam Tree Lord will expire after only twelve hours but a Boxwood Tree Lord will last more than a month.

A hungry idol becomes a happy idol as soon as it is fed one or more seeds.  The status of any idols you have sacrificed at least one seed to is currently viewable on your profile page.
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