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June 01, 2020, 06:16:39 pm
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Author Topic: Toadwater Address  (Read 1501 times)

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« on: October 14, 2010, 12:12:09 am »

Dear Toadwater Players,

Itís already been a year since Iíve become an Admin.  The past year has been incredibly fun with many memorable events.  I couldnít have done anything without Twisti and Matt.  Twisti has done a fantastic job and because of him I was able to leave for weeks at a time without worry.  He has also dedicated countless hours helping out players and designing new content.  Matt has been a great source of information especially in the critical moments when it counts for the most.  Thank you Twisti and Matt for everything.

In the past year, the game went through a server move, stressing all the admins but now the game runs much faster and has allowed for new content to do more complex things.  The government has changed some in the past year and with the power of government grass, land can finally be kept open for many players to use.  The viceroys have done a great job working together to deal with constitution needs and making sure the playerís interests are expressed.

I experimented with a server wide event.  The drought required the players to work together to explore a new island and bring the materials necessary to end it.  I look forward to doing a sequel event to the drought in the next year.  Huge additions have been added content wise to the game.  Some of them are:
        o   Four new farming crops
        o   New mining and smelting system
        o   A new blacksmithing item, a new mine and special pickaxes
        o   Irrigation ditches to help out crops and trees
        o   Genetics for peas to help find beneficial strains
        o   Several expansions to the coin store
        o   Asturias, the most unique landmass to date
        o   Server wide messages and item mailing
        o   Personal avatars to show off to everyone
        o   Several new trees
        o   Grapes and grape juice, yummy
        o   Several uses for whittling items that were useless
        o   A new herb and new tonics
        o   Fire to help clear land
        o   New salads along with a redone system for washing strawberries
        o   A new island with several quests
        o   Two new birds
        o   And many more things

The past year has been productive and I plan to make sure the next year is even more productive.  There will be a massive update at the end of October.  Also look around for the completion of several currently worthless items such as wheat.  Alchemy will be receiving a massive upgrade with the eventually plan to make it affect worth.  Shakes are also going to be redone.

Darktide has been very interesting to say the least in the past year.  Itís currently on the third round since I started running it.  Itís full of different ideas and independent players.  Currently it runs a round from fall to the end of spring and from the start of summer to the end.

I invite everyone to join the Toadwater IRC channel.  Itís full of crazy players, helpful advice and sometimes a good joke.  To get to the channel, just click the chat link located at the top of the page.  I hope for everyone the past year has been enjoyable and the next year will be even more.

Enjoy the edicts for the next week,
Travis Bates

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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2010, 02:41:28 am »

Since Travis already covered most things so surprisingly eloquently, I will only add a few words:

Having finally been given access to the TW code base has made for a fun and exciting time, and has given me a new appreciation for the horrors Dragoon had to face daily. While I am generally a strong proponent of liberal government views, it has made me question my opposition to the death penalty. When the day comes and I am crowned supreme overlord of Earth, maybe my upcoming peaceful Utopia can have one small little exception for dealing with horrible programmers.

Having our first year as a team behind us, Travis and I have learned a lot about how TW works, and a lot about what is fun and what isn't - hopefully, those experiences will serve us well in the future.

And on to the future it is: over the next year, I have three major plans on things I would like to add to Toadwater to keep it fresh (relatively speaking) and exciting. Without going into too much details, one of the things I plan to add is a new, fully fledged traditional skill, and one is a completely new, entirely unprecedented skill that has often been asked for and that will require many new gameplay mechanics.

So stay tuned for the future, for it is bright and full of promise.

Also, I will continue to be available on IRC to humiliate and demean you for being less adept at things I am good at while pretending to be AFK when topics arise that I am less knowledgeable about.

<+farmyb> id say my spelling and grammar is pretty good
Matt Siegman
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« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2010, 04:00:36 am »

It's been a good year for TW.

The other guys covered pretty much everything. They've thrown me some fun curveballs. (We're moving the server tomorrow!) Suffice it to say, it's been interesting. (Fun responses: Holy cow, you've been working with code like this?!)

I started working on the next version of the client. It will have a completely rewritten history system, which will eliminate the map loss problems. There are several other additions to the client I'm working on. I've been busy personally: this year I've moved; I've been busier at work; I have started an exercise regimen; and, I've been busy with a few other projects. I'm hoping to have a little more spare time now that things have calmed down.

Anyhow: thanks everybody! Things are getting better all the time around here.

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