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August 19, 2019, 08:49:05 pm
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Author Topic: Huge Thanksgiving Update  (Read 910 times)

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« on: November 29, 2011, 06:13:38 am »

Hello everyone.

The Toadwater development team has been very active this Thanksgiving week and here is a brief summary of the changes going on for Toadwater 2.

This week, Toadwater 2 had it's first edict.  The farming edict was a big success, and the new edict experience counter.  The edict tripled farming exp for all actions.  45,020,400 extra exp was earned by 42 hard working players.

The sap system has been tweaked.  Tap power instead of increasingly yields exponentially now works logarithmically.   This should help to balance sap gathering long term with higher level taps.  Also a bug where sap suckers were not picking up sap with the +5 bonus was fixed.

The popup system has been upgraded.  The new popups should be easy to read and allow for a wide range of characters to be used.  This should help to deter those using an auto-answering program.  The amount of popups for farming has been lowered, but now there is a chance to get popups in the middle of crop.  There is also a chance to get popups on fertilizing land also.

A new message system has been put in for raiding.  If you cut someone's fence, they receive a pm alerting them to your actions.  If you keep up the raid, it sends a message every 24 hours.  Hopefully this helps people who don't constantly watch the logs of everyone.

Strawberries have been given a few upgrades.  Strawberry runners now give 24 exp per planted crop but they will not stack with the old ones.  Use all your old ones, and the sell the remaining ones.  The sound for strawberry washing has been turned down significantly, giving a more pleasant experience for those washing with sounds on.  Also the display messages for strawberry salads have been upgraded to give a little more information, along with the level needed message.

Centivelian's can now post polls in the Centi Cafe.  If you notice anywhere else that you are unable to make polls, please pm me.

The main teleport island has been given a few upgrades.  Paths have been constructed to Toadee's house and the new cooking guild.  Toadee now owns a two room house.  Also some quest messages were fixed to refer to the correct wood type needed to make a well.

Radish baskets are no longer lost at death.  Hopefully this will help out new players that are careless with their health.

There are two new tonics on the Toadken store.  Check it out!

It's been a productive week and enjoy all the changes.
Toadwater Development Team

Secret Long Term Plans
There are two current projects in the works now.  Both should be finished by the end of the week if all goes well.

First off, the tree lord system is getting a much needed upgrade.  The new system is going to be based around saccing seeds to it each week, to keep the power up.  Being the active tree lord will gain exp from other people whittling that type of wood.  Also nice perks for moving around on the trees will be given.

Second, Toadwater 2 is getting it's first guild.  The cooking guild is right next to Toadee's house and will offer an alternative place for high level cooks to train at.  Look for a key while making salads later this week.

If you have any problems, suggestions or questions, feel free to pm anytime.
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Toadwater  |  Toadwater Inn  |  Information Ministry  |  Topic: Huge Thanksgiving Update
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