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April 05, 2020, 04:09:56 pm
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Author Topic: Cooking Guild, New Tree Lord System, and December Sneak Peak  (Read 946 times)

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« on: December 01, 2011, 07:29:10 am »

The first guild has opened up in the lands of Toadwater.  The cooking guild is a prestigious guild with fancy equipment that gives 20% more experience for cooking there.  The down side is there is not a healing tree or an outhouse, so be careful. 

To get into the guild, you need to find a key while making salads.  Complex salads offer a better chance of finding one.  The key has a limited number of uses, and once you use it all up, you can find another one if your cooking level has improved by 25 levels since the last one.  Each key is personalized, so you can not use another's.  Also, don't lose your key, because you can't get another one till they key is used up.

The guild offers a community place to cook together and get better exp.  On the main island, players can now walk on each other to prevent crowding around the busy areas.  Also salads are now edible, so enjoy eating your cooking creations.  Although to be honest, what kind of dwarf eats salad?

MyWhittle has been fixed up to display our dwarves whittling madness.  Enjoy comparing yourself to your enemies.

The new tree lord system is in place now.  The power of idols is determined by how many seeds you have sacrificed in the past seven rank updates.  Tree age, tree power, idol age and all those long term variables have no affect.  The new system should make it so that active players are able to compete against each other for the control of the lordships.

Being treelord grants you a five percent whittling boost on most actions.  Also you can walk over your trees at no health cost, no staff cost and no delay.  Every item that is whittled by the non-tree lord, puts 10 exp in that tree's pool.  At the rank update, that exp is given to the tree lord in whittling exp.  The exp is capped at 10,000 * Tree Level.  This offer of free exp should encourage players to go after the more popular trees, not just the ones that have offer a helpful whittling bonus.

Small bug fix:  When cancelling worker's job that are fertilizing with EBP, you now get the poo back.

The December Sneak Peak:

Lots of fun wintery events are coming to Toadwater 2.  Santa Toadee will be visiting for a few days around Christmas and will be giving gifts to everyone who was good this year.  Look around for announcements of the winter holiday edicts.  A great time to catch up on some experience while its cold outside.

There will be some client updates to help out on window docking.  As our great Client Admin says "I will refactor the client core gui classes to implement an exciting chain of inheritance supporting multiple window upgrades with minor code changes."  That sounds so delightful that it must be great.

The mining skill will be released this month, hope everyone has a great sense of direction and a knack for mazes.

Retting hemp will get a redo, making it easier to understand yields and giving bonuses to those new hemp items.

Have a great December,
Toadwater Development Team
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Toadwater  |  Toadwater Inn  |  Information Ministry  |  Topic: Cooking Guild, New Tree Lord System, and December Sneak Peak
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