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August 24, 2019, 03:51:24 pm
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News: Nitrogen removed a Grade 33 Fence for Cotyledon

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Author Topic: December 9th, Mining, Scutching and Many Small Changes  (Read 934 times)

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« on: December 10, 2011, 09:07:38 am »

Introducing, Toadwater 2's newest skill, Mining!  One of the mountains has been hollowed out by our loyal dwarf miners in an interesting maze.  Venture on it and attempt to mine some ore for yourself.  If you explore down passages that are less trafficked, expect more ore to spawn there.

How to get to the mines:  Use the portal hub located on the main island and teleport to the portal north of the hollowed out mountain.  Check out the map:

To get a pickaxe, talk to Rami and he will sell you one for a gold radish.  Note, the pickaxes do wear and break, so you might want to plan ahead (Carrying more then one pickaxe at a time, wears all of them).  Once you have your pickaxe, head out into the mines and find some ore spawns.

The Scutching system has been given a much needed upgrade.  The two rare hemp specials now offer unique benefits to scutching.

White Mold and Red Boot Fungus can be found in hemp crops.  Red Boot fungus is more common.  Eating a Red Boot lets hemp become prepared much quicker (up to 100 times faster) and allows the hemp to remain in the optimal state longer then it normally would.  It also helps out sword swings occasionally (which stacks with Gold Radish + Squirrel Milk) and the affect lasts for ten minutes.

White mold helps out by prevent thirst lost from scutching.  Having a high thirst is very beneficial and grants 50% more fibers.  The mold's affect lasts for thirty minutes.  Note:  Eating either special costs ten health and adds one poo, be careful.

Scutchingalso now gives textile exp for every fiber you scrutch.  This should help out the dwarves striving to be rank one of textile. 

There are two bugs with the current system.  The first is that the log message for total fibers does not include your last scrutch.  The second is there is not currently a timer for the two hemp items for when their buff expires.  They will be added to the buff box in the next few days.

Onto the little things:

Walking on Creeping Red Fescue no longer costs health.  This should help with people building roads of no staff wear.

There is a new formula for planting tree seeds under level seven.  It takes $TreeLevel * 25, forestry to plant at 100%.  This should help our new player friends and make it more in line with Whittling/Construction.

Digging now yields seeds level 1 - 3.  Working on expanding what you get for digging.

Swinging a mallet at a road now gives a chance to destroy it.  Useful for those with unwanted roads on places workers refuse to work at.

Hope you are enjoying the game,
Toadwater Development Team
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Toadwater  |  Toadwater Inn  |  Information Ministry  |  Topic: December 9th, Mining, Scutching and Many Small Changes
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