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September 23, 2020, 04:46:00 pm
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Author Topic: January 7th, 2013 Totems and a Love Interest  (Read 1965 times)

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« on: January 07, 2013, 07:59:57 am »

The construction skill has gained a new item, totems!  They are difficult to make and require many posts (for all of those failed attempts) and an idol of the same level.  Making totems is a great way to gain construction experience and use up all of those extra idols just laying around in hoards.

Once made the totems can be attached to a tree (of the same level) and offer great bonuses for manually chopping that tree level.  Totems only last for one hour unless you feed them peppers or carrots.  They can only be fed once and the bigger the initial feeding was, the longer the timer gets extended.  Offering carrots to the totem instead of peppers adds five times the time.  While the totem is active manually chopping that tree level makes your axe four times as more powerful (and gives four times the experience per swing).  This bonus is applied after the axe wear, so don't worry about your axes falling apart on you as you chop down your mighty forests.  Also the 5% increase in skill needed for each wood/seed is decreased to only 2.5% per wood/seed making older trees much higher yielding.

Hopefully the work you put into making a totem gives great experience and helps you out on your dwarf's dream of clear-cutting vast lands.

A new dwarf has moved into the main island outside the cooking guild.  The dwarf wants carrot flowers but his/her parents keep giving carrot seeds instead.  Perhaps you can exchange your left over carrot flowers for carrot seeds and woo this new dwarf.

Hope you enjoy the update.  To see what else is coming this month check out the Behind the Scenes.

Share your thoughts on the update Here!
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Toadwater  |  Toadwater Inn  |  Information Ministry  |  Topic: January 7th, 2013 Totems and a Love Interest
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