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May 30, 2020, 12:30:05 am
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Author Topic: [Looking for] Farming Advice  (Read 721 times)

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« on: March 20, 2014, 12:08:14 pm »

Hello Toadwater community,

I've been wondering recently... Does anybody still maintain the wiki and is updating it?
I must've played 6 years ago roughly when a friend suggested we try out this peculiar farming game in our final year of education that was not blocked by the administrators!
Things have changed, and a lot of content back then I never got to experience. One of those things was farming.

So, a few questions!
- What's the fastest/best way to level up?
- Do people cut their peppers, or just buy more seeds and scrap that entire process?
- When is it suggested moving up to a new seed from pepper?

I'm currently level 80, with 600+ Bell Peppers. What do.

Thanks in advance,

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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2014, 07:27:13 pm »

Fertilizing a plot by hand is 100 farming exp. If you can get a gold radish + squirrel milk buff, then you can do 50% per click. Either way, you should fert by hand to start with because fertilizer is expensive and it will be your limiting factor as far as how much you can farm, at first. Picking a field of peppers that was planted at 100% is ~145 exp. So the exp from hand-ferting is a large portion of the exp from each plot.

I actually recommend hand-ferting plots until you can plant peppers at 100% (level 143, or level 130 + 10% radish buff or level 119 + 20% radish/GR buff), and then planting peppers in those plots. From then on, you will get back all of the fert you put in to each plot in the form of compost worms, so then you can start using workers to fert for you. At level 200 farming (167 + 20% from buffs) you can plant radishes at 100%, so switch to radishes then. You will be farming radishes for a loooong time. Tongue

Obviously the hard part early on is getting fertilizer/worms. The main reason to hollow out peppers is to get more compost worms. You can also dig for compost worms using a high powered shovel at worm time (close to the start of the metric hour. X:00:00 is 100% chance for worms, X:01:00 is 50% chance, X:02:00 is 33% chance, etc... so you want to dig in the first few minutes). Make sure to eat 5 banana peppers before digging to double your shovel power.
Otherwise focus on making gold so you can afford to buy more grandma's homemade poo. Or poo in outhouses and shovel it up. Whichever you deem more efficient/fun. I much prefer making gold (i.e. plant trees, whittle them into planks, then construct the planks into fences - which also raises your forestry/whittle/construction).

You can just buy seeds from the store - they are super cheap. at 0.5g a pop and fert at 5g a pop, fert is more than 90% of the price of a plot of peppers, hehe.

After radishes is Strawberries... and that is where the seed itself becomes expensive and fert becomes the minority of the price. That's for much later. But you can see why developing your gold-making machinery is important. Smiley
(better find or build your own balsam sap farm! Tongue)
(*ahem* by the way - a sap farm of balsam firs is a good way to make money. tap level doesnt matter so just make a bunch of level 1/2 taps. Go crazy. 1000+ trees and you will be making pretty good gold every couple days Cheesy)
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