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January 18, 2021, 11:29:39 pm
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Author Topic: Some raiding suggestions  (Read 849 times)

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« on: October 14, 2014, 08:15:23 pm »

When do you raid someone?
You want to raid someone when you know they've just gone to sleep or are just about to, or aren't going to be at their computer for some time. If you raid just when they are going to sleep, then you have the longest amount of time to break through and set up a bunker and take their valuables before they wake up. It can also help to watch their Daily Log for how active they are at various times of day to build an estimate of when they are active and inactive throughout a day.

If you attempt to raid someone when they are online, they can BV you, repair the fence while you're chopping it, or set workers to add another layer(s) behind where you're chopping. Any of these makes some of your effort wasted.

Good thing I didn't mention publicly that I was going on a 24+ hour road trip to see a concert a few days ago. Probably would have been a good time for trojal to fit in the mere 13-16 hours it would take to infiltrate my base and begin phase 2 of his plan: completely destroy the base that I've worked on for nearly a year now in just a few days. Note: this is possible and I would even venture to say it's probable.
So if you know that someone is going to be away for 24+ hours, it is a good time to raid their base unless they have someone else they asked to watch their base for them.

Where do you cut through a fence?
When chopping someone's fence, you should generally choose the fence that is a lower level than the others in the wall. If you can't find a fence that is a lower level, then you should go for the spot that requires the fewest number of fences chopped to access the most land, whether that is a sap farm and hoards, or 2 persons' bases, etc.

If you can chop 1 shared fence piece to access two different compartments, it is much better than chopping one fence for one compartment and another fence to get the other compartment.

Also note: Even if I was awake, he attacked the same fenceline where he had abused a bug to scoop up my glider from behind my fences.
I attacked the weakest point of the fence line, the shared fence piece that would allow me to access the 2x1 bunker as well as getting through the long single layer fence. As Xirah has mentioned, I had previously removed the glider from where it was, but this still seemed like the most advantageous fence to cut through.

How much work does it take to raid?
It can take days to raid an active or well-defended person. Just keep at it, and remember to build your own fences/gates to keep having access to whichever part of their fence that you are chopping. If they manage to cut through one of your fences and replace it with one of their high level fences, then you can lose significant progress. Just hope that they don't have the opportunity to keep putting up more fences inside their base as you get closer, or you can have a very long engagement.

The amount of time in minutes it takes to chop down a fence buffed with GR+SM+GP and using a grade 15 axe is [fence level] / [0.36]. Be careful though, chopping with a grade 15 axe costs about 1 million gold in axe wear per 10 fence levels.
Fence levelTime
12.78 min
1027.78 min
1541.67 min
2055.56 min
2569.44 min

In-game defenses are meaningless. If someone is dedicated to raid you, you're fucked. If you don't have a gold subscription for a personal island: you're fucked.

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