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July 02, 2022, 03:21:55 am
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Author Topic: toadwater stores 2013  (Read 2683 times)
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« on: January 22, 2017, 02:02:33 pm »

For whatever reason, I had saved what the toadwater stores looked like in 2013.  For anyone who might be interested, here they are:

FreakFrog (Baking and Gardening) is buying Lump of Coal for: 250000.00 gp.
jeek (shinanigans) is buying Hammer Bro Mallet for: 100000.00 gp.
ight (...) is buying Sun Fungus for: 5000.00 gp.
Ispep Teid (ispep) is buying * Grade 42 Plank for: 100.00 gp.
traviswb25 (Something) is buying Somethingelse4 for: 5.00 gp.
Raziel (Recruit Depo) is buying Gold Radish for: 1.00 gp.
Temple (The Store) is buying Enriched Bird Poo for: 1.00 gp.
MidnightWolf (Paputa's Store) is buying Death Cap Mushroom for: 1.00 gp.
Toadraider () is buying Ripe Tomato for: 1.00 gp.
Kahn () is buying Dragoon Statue for: 1.00 gp.
korobatsu (korobatsu) is buying Osage Wood for: 1.00 gp.
zomdrak (i am still alive) is buying Death Cap Mushroom for: 1.00 gp.
JaydeLeigh (The HobNob) is buying Black Tupelo Seeds for: 1.00 gp.
ARPCUBONE () is buying Hanglider Landing Site Machine for: 0.01 gp.
Nicodemus (Nico's Corner) is buying Basswood Seeds for: 0.01 gp.
JadeWolf (Jade's Store) is buying Blue Sapphire for: 0.01 gp.
clatra (birds singing in the sycamore tree) is buying European Lime Wood for: 0.01 gp.
Keith (Keiths) is buying Grade 26 Plank for: 0.01 gp.
flux (I like PIE) is buying Gold Radish for: 0.01 gp.
DrZonos (shoop da poop) is buying Hemp Stalks for: 0.01 gp.

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1:10:28 am   Nicodemus set a NEW RECORD, chopping down a Balsam Fir Tree and finding 5646 Seeds !!!
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« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2017, 05:00:31 pm »

ahhh.  The good 'ol days    Grin
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